The infill that defies time

TP is a high performance infill for artificial sports pitches, made with thermoplastic SEBS polymers that are made with a special shape and structure.

The elastic bead is made via extrusion with an exclusive physical shape which is covered by a patent on special equipment for virgin raw materials, additives and colourants.

In addition to ensuring good game performance, it reduces the risk of the player abrasions and guarantees reduced compaction over time.

The raw materials and the production cycle ensure full compliance and invariability with the product’s defined specifications. Since it is not recyclable material, these conditions are respected and guaranteed for every single product.

The advantages of TP Infill:

  • DURABILITY: Its shape and grading curve remain constant and controlled over time
  • EXCLUSIVE SHAPE: The special patented structure provides reduced compaction over time and excellent wear resistance, with no dust formation on the pitch
  • PLAYER SAFETY: Reduction of player abrasion risk
  • FULLY RECYCLABLE: The product can be newly extruded again after a standard melting process
  • DYNAMICS: Shock absorption and energy return results in line with national and international regulation requirements (LND, FIFA and World Rugby)
  • BEST PERFORMANCE: Excellent UV resistance and playability parametres which endure over time

As it hasn’t been produced as a result of grinding, the elastic TP bead is dust free and respects all ecological and environmental parameters.

Available in two colours: Green and Brown

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