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This product is ideal for:

  • tennis
  • hockey
  • lawn bowls

Product Code: DS004


MultiPurposes, Tennis, Hockey, Futsal, Cricket, Netball, Basketball

This is the most versatile synthetic surface, using a variety of fibres, structures, and infill materials to cater for sports-lovers and professionals alike. From tennis courts to hockey pitches, Sport Pro Newgrass complies to the highest international standards.

Newgrass T6 20 is a top of the range product for building high quality installations. Classified by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) as Court Pace Rating (CPR) 3 Medium*, it is the best surface for all types of players, and offers:

  • Excellent court flexibility, with high game performance, similar to clay courts
  • Less stress on muscles and joints as it is more comfortable underfoot
  • Elimination of traditional watering systems and low maintenance
  • Permeability and weather resistance
  • Long durability in terms of game characteristics and excellent resistance to wear
  • High stability and surface flatness
  • Excellent ball bounce and controlled rebound speed

*The ITF Court Pace Classification programme was developed to guide buyers of tennis products towards choices that best suits their needs, assessing the type and speed of the surfaces.

Developed by Limonta Sport, this is the best surface on the market for both indoor and outdoor pitches used in this sport. In fact, the material used in Newgrass has intrinsic properties that also make it a perfect product for indoor use.

Newgrass is available in the traditional sand infill version, without infill or with the use of a lightweight sand filler. The unclogged surfaces ensure perfect levelling, high flexibility, vibrant and consistent colours. The Newgrass products for hockey have different drainage capacities and maintain the surface moisture necessary for high level competitions.

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