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Mixto Hybrid Turf

Mixto: a perfect blend of natural and artificial turf

MIXTO is a surface made with hybrid technology, that ensures the best harmony between natural and artificial turf. In fact, with MIXTO the artificial matrix that is specially developed and installed on a specifically patented unique primary surface, protects the natural grass roots, promoting deep root development.

The system has been designed to create the perfect conditions for oxygenation and permeability of the surface layer and the ideal air-water-soil balance, whilst also preventing the formation of muddy areas or waterlogging.

The bond that is generated between the artificial filaments, anchored to the unique primary surface, and the natural grass also ensures maximum surface stability and prevents both snags and clumps of earth. The turf’s durability and potential uses are around three times greater than natural turf and, despite what athletes may think, it is almost identical to fully natural turf.

  • Flatness and high technical performance: use never compromises the perfect quality of the playing field and the ball-surface interaction.
  • Permeability: the system’s stability ensures superior drainage.
  • Durability and safety: thanks to the protective action performed by the artificial elements, wear of the natural element is minimised.
  • Maintenance: required interventions are simplified and reduced with the HybridCareSystem (HCS) protocol, compared with those required for natural turf.
  • High economic sustainability: very competitive and improved investment/hours of use ratio compared to a traditional pitch.
  • Installation: immediate use when laying turf which has been pre-grown in nurseries, or a waiting time of around 2/3 months with direct sowing.


MIXTO increases the reliability of the field in terms of flatness and stability in the most used areas and, unlike other hybrid products, surface compaction is almost nil.

MIXTO’s stability allows athletes to play safely right from the day after the turf is laid and achieves all technical performances such as smoothness, bounce, athlete-surface and ball-surface interaction, optimal levels.

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