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  • football
  • rugby
  • Baseball
  • soccer
  • Football 7/8

Product Code: DS002

Max S

AFL, Soccer, Rugby

MAX S is the high-performance turf product from Limonta Sport, the result of research and development conducted in the name of innovation in technology and design. The aim was to create a surface with the same characteristics as a natural playing surface.

With its unique double-S shape filament, in two shades of green and a reinforced centre, the product provides enhanced absorption of stresses from wear and the blades of grass have a high capacity to return back to their original positions (resilience).

  • Made with an exclusive polymer
  • High resilience thanks to the double-S shape
  • More natural to the touch and to the look
  • Ideal for top-performance pitches and the most important stadiums
  • Ensures a perfectly natural ball rolling and responses in terms of game speed and athletic movements, comparable with those observed on a natural pitch

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