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This product is ideal for:

  • football
  • futsul
  • hockey
  • multisport

Product Code: DS003


AFL, Soccer, Rugby, Futsal, Hockey

INFINITY is the latest generation in artificial turf surfaces, designed to ensure maximum resistance to wear, tear and stress. Made from a bi-coloured filament with particularly high durability and strength standards, INFINITY is the ideal product for small-sized and intensively used pitches.

Unparalleled stability and strength are the mainstay of INFINITY. The shape of the blade makes the surface more uniform to aid rolling of the ball, whilst weaving two shades of filaments ensures a pleasant visual appearance.

  • Link-monofilament
  • Incredibile Tuft Lock Resistance
  • Increased foot stability
  • Safety and playability
  • Unique filament created by a special bi-stretching technology
  • Maximum resistance to wear and stress

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