Geo Plus

Geo Plus

The infill with zero environmental impact

Natural infill for artificial turf pitches, fully recyclable and carbon neutral. Revolutionary and cutting edge, it consists exclusively of a mixture of organic plant material, derived from defibration of woody plants, that have been carefully chosen and processed with an innovative process.

The result is the first 100% natural and biodegradable infill because it is free from foreign materials, which ensures maximum performance and unparalleled athlete safety.

The first step to safety is through quality...

As well as ensuring the highest level of game performance in all weather conditions, using GEO PLUS guarantees maximum player safety and completely eliminates disposal costs as it is a fully sustainable product.

Advantages of GEO PLUS Infill:

  • NO OVERHEATING: Ensures low temperatures on the playing surface, comparable to the temperature of a natural grass pitch as its components do not retain heat
  • NO ABRASION: Assures absence of abrasions when falling or sliding during sporting action or recreation activity
  • MINIMUM INFILL SPLASH: Composition and density of the GEO PLUS special blend, enables it to perfectly fit into the synthetic turf system, avoiding any kind of infill splash effect
  • ODOURLESS: Also perfect for indoor courts
  • EXCELLENT UV RESISTANCE: Its vegetable origin allows it to preserve itself over time, resisting UV rays, high temperatures and deterioration
  • SUPERIOR FOOT STABILITY IN ALL GAME CONDITIONS: Guarantees that the support of athletes feet is identical to the best natural grass field
  • OPTIMAL SHOCK ABSORPTION: Shock absorption and energy return results are in line with national and international regulation requirements (LND, FIFA and World Rugby)
  • FULLY SUSTAINABLE: Free from industrially made artificial components. Geo Plus is the result of a zero impact manufacturing process
  • PLAYER SAFETY: Safe because it is rot-proof, anti-mould and non-toxic
  • NO DISPOSAL COSTS: 100% natural and recyclable, and therefore immediately reusable at the end of the pitch’s life for agricultural use or gardening

The organic material used is essential for playability as it gives the pitch biomechanical features that allow players to make fluid and natural changes in direction.

Geo Plus adds the technical advantage of the comfort of natural turf to its artificial turf, making it an ideal product for a pitch that maintains excellent performance, safety and endurance parameters over time so the athletes can focus on the game without adjusting their style.

Available also in three different versions: GEO NB, GEO TP and GEO X-TRE 60

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