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Product Code: DS001

Duo Shape

AFL, Soccer, Rugby, Futsal

DUO SHAPE is an innovative artificial turf which achieves the perfect combination of strength and resilience. Specially developed to improve durability and game performances, Duo Shape consists of a special shape with two different coloured sections that are combined but not twisted.Innovative shape, extraordinary performance

The polymer used ensures high resistance to wear and tear and is soft to the touch, for unparalleled playing comfort and constant player safety.

  • Special shape
  • Innovative polymer
  • Two colours: lime for the thicker and more resilient shape which simulates the natural newly-born turf + dark for the thinner one which simulates the natural aged turf
  • Corrugated surface to decrease light’s reflection (matt effect)
  • Central diamond thickness support
  • Excellent ball roll and rebound

The special corrugated surface of the filaments markedly decreases abrasion coefficient and light refraction and it assures high elastic memory while enabling optimal ball roll and rebound. It also facilitates ordinary and extraordinary maintenance. The turf remains perfect and with no damages after numerous cycles of stress test, fourfold the present benchmark set by the industry.

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